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Trainings & Workshops

Through my work at NC State, I've conducted many WordPress and videography trainings. I also lead a variety of creative workshops such as an Icon-a-thon, branding jamboard sessions, and group startup naming workshops. 


WordPress, Videography, Iconography, Branding


NCSU ORI, Selsym, NC State Startups




ORI Icon Workshop

NC State ORI wanted to create a icon set specifically for Research and Innovation at NC State. I decided to run an icon workshop where we had master list of words associated with ORI and a team of 7 from across departments to get more viewpoints. 

I put up large post-its with the words and had the team draw anything that came to mind that represented that word to them. We found what images held true across the board and others that were harder to pin down. We came up with a begging set of icon that are still being used. 

Jamboard Session

With the success of the icon workshop, I decided to implement Jamboard sessions in the pandemic to achieve the same goal of creative ideation. I had the team of marketers, researchers, and business professionals work through taglines and vision statements. They did end up finding the perfect ones after this workshop. 

WordPress Trainings

After each website is launched, we implemented mandatory WordPress trainings for each team to become self-sufficient in web maintenance.

Sasha Working Photo 11.HEIC

Videography Training

Each of the 3 interns I've supervised wanted to learn videography, so I developed an on-the-job curriculum to teach them the fundamentals of shooting and editing videos for real client projects. The most common feedback from each intern was how much they loved this element of their internship and how it created a love of videography. 

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